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1November News and Expectations

Hey folks. Deeply sorry for the lack of updates recently - real life has been rougher than usual as of late - but the show goes on!

Lots of ground needs to be covered this month, so let's get right to it!

1. As you can tell from the title pic, I'm currently playing through Dontnod's fantastic Life is Strange. My review along with a discussion on the effectiveness of story in games will be coming as soon as I complete (or near completion, to be honest!)

2. Fallout 4 is practically around the corner. I ordered a physical copy this time around, so when I get that I'll be talking about my first impressions!

3. Antisun Grey Season One continues!

4. Kari continues her descent into the rabbit-hole in SeeSpeak!

5. Bandcamp Roundup! A monthly update of the music I've checked out at Bandcamp that I've thoroughly enjoyed!

Since this is indeed November, I encourage you all to give NanoWrimo a try! There seems to be at least 114 Caribbean writers participating so far, and that's wonderful! Let's get those stories on (digital/physical) paper, and stop procrastinating! (I will enter next year ;-) )

Listening to: "Revolution" by CloZee


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